Business Process Solution

Make your non-core business processes a strategic tool for enhancing your business-building core capabilities reduce costs, improve processes, drive revenue, assure quality, and strengthen customer relationships with Business Process Solutions from Glidersoft Systems.

Successful business solutions are as much about the people providing them as they are about the technology involved. And that’s a critical factor when you’re considering outsourcing business processes. You want a provider with the industry expertise, process knowledge, and technology resources to make your non-core processes a strategic tool for enhancing your business-building core capabilities.

Glidersoft Systems provides the people, processes, and supporting technologies to help our customers control costs and cultivate growth. Our Business Process Solutions group comprises a global network of on- and offshore technology centers and associates that gives businesses the best-shore option to meet their unique needs and goals—an outsourcing model designed to stabilize workforces, provide a single point for accountability, and deliver measurable process savings.

We're a leading provider of offshore transaction-processing services for healthcare providers, serving more than 35 medical specialties in multiple states and possessing proficiency in more than 15 hospital and physician management systems. We provide solutions for leading insurance companies, supporting a broad range of life, health, and annuity products. We provide process improvement consulting and training to help businesses and government organizations improve performance, increase productivity, and achieve compliance with a variety of international standards and models, including ISO 9001, CMMI, ITIL, and Six Sigma. And we serve financial institutions, law firms, and businesses in other industries as well.

Our associates are thoroughly trained and highly skilled, and we continuously strive for knowledge enhancement and process improvement through internal quality management initiatives and external assessments and accreditations.

With outsourced business process solutions from Glidersoft Systems, your organization can enjoy:

Freedom to focus resources on business-building
core capabilities

Cost reductions through labor arbitrage and
economies of scale

Process improvements through well-trained,
highly skilled specialists

Assured quality plus assistance to help you comply with regulatory standards
Operational transparency for a clear look and
deeper insight into your processes
Greater customer satisfaction and retention